Wastewater treatment solutions

WPL is an international leader in the design, manufacture and supply of precision-engineered packaged wastewater treatment plants and grease management systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of standard products that can deliver cost-effective onsite treatment of wastewater at even the most challenging sites.

Our bespoke packaged treatment systems, designed by an expert team of process engineers and manufactured at our dedicated UK facility, can meet customers’ specific requirements in terms of whole-life cost, physical footprint, site access and discharge consents.

WPL can assume full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of industrial wastewater treatment systems, helping companies reduce trade effluent costs and focus on their core business.

WPL’s flexible modular treatment systems can be configured to meet population equivalents up to 10,000 and to future-proof sites where growth and development is anticipated. We offer a comprehensive choice of transportable wastewater treatment systems for hire where additional biological treatment or temporary use is required.

WPL has delivered onsite process solutions to the household, commercial, utility and industrial markets for 25 years. We hold a prominent position as a supplier to the UK water utility companies and have an extensive international installer network.

WPL ensures all wastewater treatment systems are compliant with relevant final effluent environmental discharge standards. Our specialist engineers can deliver planned service and maintenance contracts to minimise the risk of emergency incidents, breaches of compliance and costly reactive maintenance.


WPL’s in-house Process Engineering Expertise

WPL’s in-house process engineering expertise is highly valued by all our customers including highly regulated UK water utilities, industrial and commercial users, right through to individual home owners.

WPL is diligent in ensuring our customers’ sites are environmentally compliant and that the right level of protection is in place.

Hybrid SAF homepage video footage

WPL’s modular WPL Hybrid SAF (submerged aerated filter) packaged wastewater treatment solution installation at a United Utilities wastewater treatment site, Sandbach WwTW, UK.
Image of WPL celebrates 25 years logo in 2016 as an international environmental solutions provider for commercial and industrial effluent market