Water recycling solutions

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We offer a comprehensive range of adaptable water recycling solutions designed to deliver long term cost-effective  treatment at even the most challenging sites; working in collaboration with our customers to meet specific requirements in terms of stringent environmental discharge consent standards, physical footprint, site access, ease of installation and long term low operator maintenance.

Our packaged wastewater treatment systems are custom designed and built incorporating the benefits of DfMA and off-site build principles at our dedicated quality controlled UK facility.

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Wessex Water data shows total compliance at Sherborne

Wastewater treatment using WPL Hybrid SAF™ technology has achieved total compliance over the first year of operation at a Wessex Water site. Watch the full video on how enhanced hydraulics and adaptable design also delivered a 75% cost saving for the client.

Population growth in the town of Sherborne in Dorset meant that the rural water recycling facility owned and operated by Wessex Water required an upgrade to manage overload. A key advantage of the technology is that it can be retrofitted into any vessel, regardless of shape or size, to deliver more efficient wastewater processing.

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Treatment of trade effluent

We provide treatment solutions for liquid waste (effluent) before it is discharged into the public foul sewer or watercourse from a business or an industrial process. Our options can also include financial schemes with upfront capital investment for companies seeking to meet compliance standards; reducing costs that have been determined by the Mogden Formula for charges on trade effluent.

Our wastewater treatment equipment will support the expansion of the Quorn production line for Marlow Foods’ Teesside plant. The company is investing £150m in production of the protein-rich meat substitute over the next five years due to fast-growing global demand.

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Our WPL HiPAF® brand

Commercial market

WPL has a reputation for supplying custom sewage treatment plants which meet the precise needs of clients for residential developments, along with commercial and leisure applications not connected to mains sewerage.

WPL supplied a packaged wastewater treatment system for Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s £3.6 million visitor centre The Weston, with minimal visual impact fitting sympathetically into the historic hillside landscape.

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Our WPL Diamond brand

Homeowner and small businesses

Our domestic WPL Diamond compact wastewater treatment plant is suitable for the home owner to a small commercial property not connected to mains sewerage.

Unlike the traditional septic tanks, the modern packaged sewage treatment plants are designed with an aerated process for todays’ increased volume of water usage in everyday life. The successfully treated liquid that is discharged from the WPL Diamond package wastewater treatment plant is of a higher quality standard than a septic tank. Discover more on our dedicated WPL Diamond website.

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