Site-specific environmental protection

WPL is part of the WCS Environmental Engineering Division, offering sustainable water recycling solutions that provide site-specific environmental protection for global communities.

A trusted industry leader with clients that include water and wastewater utilities, municipalities, the industrialand commercial sectors, as well as domestic homeowners, we have been designing, building and installing compliant custom wastewater treatment technology for 30 years.

Our UK-patented biological technology provides a robust and cost-effective treatment that ensures full environmental compliance even on the most challenging of sites.

Flexible technology

We know that every site is unique which is why we work in close collaboration with our customers to understand key points and challenges to create customised wastewater solutions.

Modular and flexible wastewater treatment units built offsite and easily transportable, can operate alongside existing processes or as standalone facilities and can be adapted to serve a population as it expands.

Hire and trial

Our fast and flexible hire service of WPL’s wastewater treatment units ensures sites undergoing emergency reactive work, or planned refurbishment, can remain fully operational and within environmental consent. Whilst WPL’s full-scale operational trials provide a fast and effective solution, offering immediate enhancement to onsite industrial trade effluent treatment. This means full compliance is achieved as soon as possible, with no capital risk, putting your mind at ease while a permanent option is found.

Our service can also include sampling, laboratory testing, upfront technical specification design, onsite installation, logistical support, employee training and troubleshooting.

Environmental care

As water recycling specialists, the environment is at the heart of what we do – our engineers are continually innovating to ensure WPL products offer the highest levels of environmental protection. We are proud of our collaboration with Portsmouth University to research the reduction of energy consumption and process efficiency of our biological treatment technology. We are active British Water members and have helped shape policy and best practice guidelines for wastewater treatment and environmental care.

Our 30th Anniversary

In January 2021 – our 30th anniversary year – WPL joined the WCS Environmental Engineering Division that forms part of Marlowe’s grouping of water and air industry. Marlow is a UK leader in specialist services that ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Safe Efficient Compliance – WCS Group provides the following services:

  • Whole of Lifecycle Water Management
  • Operational Improvement Water Engineering
  • Design, Build, Monitor, Maintain
  • Audit, Test, Monitor, Service, Maintain
  • Chemical Supply & Management Services
  • Training and ACoP L8 Compliance
  • Water Purification and Secondary Disinfection
  • Risk Assessments – Water Hygiene, Legionella, Asbestos, Noise
  • Remote Monitoring, Asset Tagging and System Management
  • Closed System Monitoring and Improvement