Vision and Values

Our vision

To be the UK’s leading water treatment and property compliance company delivering exceptional experience and results for our customers, employees and shareholders.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Reliability

WPL has been at the forefront of wastewater treatment technology for over 30 years, with international experience of technical design, quality of manufacture and supply of environmental wastewater solutions.

In January 2021, WPL joined WCS Group, which forms part of Marlowe’s grouping of water and air industry. This development means that across the group, the in-house skills and expertise are in place to deliver full turnkey solutions, from influent to effluent, with the capability to close the loop with water reuse. WCS and WPL expert technical and engineering teams work directly with customers to identify optimal solutions that address environmental and public health concerns throughout the water cycle.

Corporate social responsibility – processes and objectives

The company will:

  • Establish and maintain a procedure to identify the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services that it can control and over which it can be expected to have an influence, in order to determine those that have or can have significant impacts on the environment.
  • Ensure that the aspects related to these significant impacts are considered in setting its environmental objectives.
  • Establish and maintain a procedure to identify, and have access to, legal and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes, that are applicable to the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services.

Impact on the environment

WPL aims to sustain and improve our natural environment for the benefit of all. We are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance by improving the efficiency with which we use resources. We aim to comply with all relevant environmental regulation and legislation. We operate a robust environmental management system to ensure environmental issues are integrated into our business processes and practices.

WPL rigorously fulfils its vision of protecting the environment by delivering reliable wastewater solutions.

WPL encourages all employees to participate in activities that aim to minimise the company’s environmental impact. Environmental awareness training is provided to new members of staff. We communicate regularly with our stakeholders, including shareholders, employees and customers on matters of environmental policy and practices. We also encourage suppliers to adopt the highest environmental standards.

The company is committed to acting responsibly, and not damaging the environment. All employees are required to take this seriously:

  • Recycle materials wherever possible
  • Not print off e-mails unnecessarily
  • Consider the ethical stance of suppliers before placing orders
  • Dispose of any chemicals responsibly and carefully
  • Think about the impact of their actions on the local community

Sustainable development – The aims of sustainable development are being actively considered in our decision-making processes.

Resource and waste management – We will continue to promote, within the business, the efficient use, and hence the conservation of water, energy and natural resources.

Biodiversity – We are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment and will develop initiatives that support the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.

Interactions with the community

WPL is an active member of the communities in which it operates and aims at all times to be a good neighbour. We make a positive contribution to local communities by bringing jobs for local people. We also sponsor local causes, particularly those associated with children, the elderly and people with disabilities. We encourage staff to become involved in fundraising and charitable activities, and allow them to nominate which organisations the company supports.

Interaction with customers and suppliers

One of WPL’s strategic aims is to ‘provide a service committed to the highest levels of equality and fairness.’  This includes ensuring that all goods and services supplied are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons, have the least negative impact on the environment and produce a positive effect on equality and fairness.

In order to ensure equality and fairness throughout the supply chain, WPL has developed the Code of Conduct for suppliers. All suppliers must adopt this and commit to continuous improvement of standards specified in their own companies and those of their suppliers. The Code is issued as part of the ‘Approved Suppliers Procedure’ and monitoring of it is included in the contract management of each supplier.

The implementation of the Code of Conduct for suppliers is a shared responsibility. All approved suppliers will have previously passed the required technical and quality requirements of the company. Orders are then rewarded to the preferred suppliers, who have offered additional value or have a proven track record of performance.