Accreditation Standards & Compliance

Ever vigilant to legislation, our focus is to deliver compliant future-proofed wastewater treatment solutions to meet discharge consent standards.

Accreditations and certificates can be downloaded via the WCS Group accreditations repository here 

Water utilities framework and preferred client status

As a framework and preferred status supplier to the UK Water Utilities, WCSEE continues to meet expectations through our custom design packaged wastewater treatment solutions. Our process of continuous development through customer feedback ensures that WCSEE has stayed at the forefront of package plant design.

Diamond Brand

Compact wastewater treatment for 1 up to 55 people for off-mains drainage

The original Diamond is UK and European patented – our design is completely unique. 

Our range is CE marked, fully type tested and certificated in accordance with the mandatory European standard BS EN12566-3 2014 for small wastewater treatment systems – performance tested at an independent accredited facility Aachen, Germany by PIA Institute for Wastewater Technology.  LABC Registered; pre-registered with Local Authority Building Control and is recognised by all LABC inspectors in England and Wales

Registered number: GB 250337.


The Diamond range is CE marked, fully type tested and certificated in accordance with the mandatory European standard NF EN12566-3 2014  Annex A, B and C for small wastewater treatment systems up to 50 EH.

The Diamond DMS 20; French ministerial approvals published in the official journal of the French Republic.

HiPAF® Brand 

HiPAF compact sewage treatment plants are CE marked to BS EN 12566-3.  The modular packaged treament solutions are designed to BS EN 12255 – 1/15 and manufactured using BS 4994.  All WPL HiPAF plants are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations and Environment Agency (EA) guidelines.


  • British Water
  • Institute of Water, UK
  • CIWEM – Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, UK
  • UKT&I – UK Trade & Industry
  • HCC – Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, UK

Continued Professional Development

We offer accredited CPD seminars on sewage treatment for off mains drainage – a specification guide to pumping and disposal. We also deliver workplace Lunch & Learn presentations on key topics in wastewater treatment. The one-hour technical seminars are delivered by a senior member of technical team, and focus on core issues facing UK water and sewerage companies.


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Image of UVDB logo for WPL       dibt Image of French ministry approval logo for WPL       Image confirming that WPL, wastewater and sewage treatment specialists, are LABC Registered

       BS-4994-300 for WPL wastewater and sewage treatment specialists   Image of WPL certification