Secondary SAF package: 814 population equivalent United Utilities framework sewage treatment plant, complete with a WPL specification sand filter.

As part of the framework agreement WPL had in place with the client, the SAF plant associated with the project at Cross Canonby was designed based upon the following criteria:

  • Population Equivalent: 814
  • DWF: 215m3/day
  • Full flow to treatment:1,322m3/d (formula A flow)
  • Consent BOD: Suspended Solids: Ammonia 0:20:5 (95%ile )
  • Crude BOD (average load) 48.8kg/day
  • Crude NH3 (average load) 6.30kg/day

Four SAF biozones were used to size and accommodate the hydraulic full flow to treatment (allowing for one of the four biozones being out of service).