WPL HiPAF® sewage treatment for leading private hospital

Woodland Hospital is one of Northamptonshire’s leading private hospitals located in Kettering. The hospital has 35 single rooms, all with en suite facilities, a multi bedded day ward and a two bedded high dependency unit.

When Ramsay Healthcare decided to increase the number of rooms and extend the facilities, one piece of equipment essential to the smooth running of the hospital required attention. The expansion of the hospital gave the consulting engineers FIRN the opportunity to review whether the existing sewage treatment system would be able to cope with the additional load the extra beds would bring. The age and the location of the system were two things that needed to be assessed.

The Solution

Watling Hope, an independent wastewater treatment specialist company determined that the size of the existing system would not provide sufficient capacity to cope with the additional flows and loads. The ageing unit did not have the necessary capacity in terms of treatment and storage. The location of the plant was too close to the hospital and it was deemed appropriate to move the plant to a more discreet location. The treatment plant selected was a WPL (off mains drainage) HiPAF submerged aerated filter. This treatment plant is renowned throughout the industry for its reliability, consistently maintaining a high quality of effluent and its ease of maintenance. All criteria Ramsey Healthcare specified when the off mains drainage options were being reviewed. To overcome the location issue Watling Hope installed the treatment plant by cutting into the side of a bank, using gabions as a retaining wall which also provided a high level of finish to the final installation.

The Result

With the plant being relocated to a more discrete position this has freed up much needed space in the service yard, and the servicing and maintenance of the system is proving to be much easier than with the previous treatment plant.

Testimonial about WPL Environmental Wastewater Solutions Provider

“The system has now been installed and operational since May 2012 and has been successfully achieving the water quality to meet its permit to discharge.”

Testimonial for Watling Hope

“Watling Hope were a very professional organisation that completed the work to a very high standard on time and in budget”