International energy company Repsol required a replacement wastewater treatment system after doubling in size for their oil operations site within the famous Acacus Mountain range in Northern Africa.

Between 2008 and 2009, the size of the workforce doubled and in order to meet the increased flows and loads a second wastewater treatment stream with the capacity to treat the wastewater of a population equivalent of 500 was added to the existing plant. There was also a requirement for the treated wastewater from the second stream to be used for irrigation purposes. This requirement was driven by the need to create an oasis in this desert location in order to provide a green environment for the workers. But with limited water resources in a location like this, the obvious solution was to use reclaimed water.

The project was carried out by Zulal Water Technology, a Libyan based company with its headquarters in Tripoli, whose primary focus is providing turnkey water and wastewater solutions. The existing HiPAF® was upgraded to include a second stream, not only to provided safe sanitation but also the treated effluent to be reused for irrigation purposes, meeting World Health Organisation (WHO) consent standards.

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The oil and gas industry are subject to increasingly critical environmental standards, a company such as Respol is continuingly seeking solutions to ensure that this natural resource is used responsibly and efficiently.

WPL and Atana are now a part of WCS Environmental Engineering

WCS Environmental Engineering is a part of the WCS Group, which has the in-house skills and expertise in place to deliver full turnkey solutions from influent to effluent, with the capability to close the loop with water reuse.