The White Hart Inn is a very popular eaterie serving local food and real ales in convivial surroundings.

Over the years, the pub-restaurant had been renovated causing complications with the drainage system. The existing drainage system was causing concern to the owners as they were uncertain as to whether it met modern day standards.

The Pub’s owner contacted Watling Hope to appraise the system and make any necessary recommendations to improve it. The owner of the pub was keen to ensure both operational and environmental standards were improved.

On investigation it was identified that the Pub was serviced by septic tanks that had been extended over the years, however, settled effluent from septic tanks was being discharged into surface water drains. Although an acceptable practice years ago this no longer met modern effluent management standards.

Watling Hope undertook a detailed assessment and identified the requirements for a new system which would provide adequate compliance with the Environment Agency’s discharge standards and be of minimal risk at generating odours.

After consideration Watling Hope proposed to install a new HiPAF biological sewage treatment plant in place of the existing septic system. The new plant would be installed in an area of land previously used for animal husbandry. Watling Hope’s proposals were submitted to the owners of the White Hart who instructed works to proceed.

The area for the new plant was cleared prior to installation. A new 150mm gravity drain from the rear of the pub was laid across the car park to the new HiPAF sewage treatment plant.

The new HiPAF was located close to a wall to maximise car parking space for the pub’s customers. The new sewage treatment plant was installed with turret extensions to accommodate the deep incoming drains.

The treated final effluent discharged into a compact dual-pump final effluent pumping station, this pumped back across the car park to the former outlet to the shallow surface water drains.

In order to protect the plant from vehicles and unauthorised access Watling Hope erected a new wooden fence around the plant and pump station. In addition the installations team also reinstated the concrete across the car park and re-gravelled the area. All works were completed on time and on budget within the projected 2-week period.


  • New HiPAF sewage treatment plant installed
  • New pump station installed to pump treated effluent to original discharge point
  • Site operation unaffected throughout works
  • Odours and nuisance eliminated
  • Environment Agency final effluent samples complied with consent standards
  • A significant reduction in previous tankering costs