For over 18 months WPL and El Zulal have developed a partnership for providing wastewater treatment facilities for fixed and temporary locations across Libya.

El Zulal most recently contacted WPL for 3 transportable HPC Wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations which were sold directly to REMSA Oil Field Services for their drilling rig sites in the desert of Libya.

REMSA are a key exploration and production operator in the field of oil and gas in Libya and required WPL’s wastewater treatment plants in august/September 2008 for temporary usage at their oil drilling sites. The wastewater treatment plants were required for the accommodation blocks at the sites and were needed to be moved every 4-6 weeks when the site personnel moved to a new destination.

WPL provided 3 Transportable HiPAF Compact plants (HPC) and pump stations to REMSA which were mounted on metal skids with lifting eyes so they could be easily transported to each site. Once at the required locations, site personnel installed the HPC’s with technical guidance from the WPL engineering team and the installation manuals provided.

At each new destination a trench was excavated for the sewage pipes from the accommodation block on site to the area in which the HPC’s were located. The sewage pipes were run to a pumping station which lifted the wastewater up to the HPC and a treatment kiosk for the wastewater.

WPL Ltd have provided wastewater treatment plants similar to this in Libya for other accommodation blocks, oil production facilities and the storage facilities on the coast of Libya. They are now also in the process of quoting for other contractors in Libya and the possibility of providing mechanical and electrical installation on site in the future.

WPL and Atana are now a part of WCS Environmental Engineering

WCS Environmental Engineering is a part of the WCS Group, which has the in-house skills and expertise in place to deliver full turnkey solutions from influent to effluent, with the capability to close the loop with water reuse.