WPL were challenged with the task to design and manufacture a bespoke modular (N-SAF) wastewater process solution which needed to be transported down narrow country lanes whilst avoiding overhead electric cables.

The unit had to handle 50 l/sec FFT, almost twice the average, so something out of the ordinary was devised. The 11.7m length, 4.6m tall and 2.9m wide N-SAF unit was built off-site prior to being transported to Danesmoor WwTW; a process being favoured for lowering health and safety risks on-site.

The project:

Danesmoor required a tertiary treatment plant to treat the residual ammonia from the wastewater being discharged to watercourse. As part of a £2million upgrade at Yorkshire Water’s site, the revision was imposed to meet the latest regulations on water quality set by European legislation (the Freshwater Fish Directive).

The Yorkshire Water contracts delivery partner Byzac Entec commissioned WPL after a formal tendering process against the Yorkshire Water asset standard and taking into account whole life costs.

The solution:

WPL’s design engineers came up with eight modular tanks manufactured from steel, as per the specification, which were assembled off-site in the factory.

The units had to then be taken apart for transportation to avoid overhead electric cables and fit down narrow country lanes. The tanks when on-site had to be lifted, rotated and placed onto a prepared concrete slab.

This process solution of a factory ‘kit,’ build meant that less workers were required at Yorkshire Water’s site, in turn minimising the risk of health and safety and quality control.


The result:

All eight modular tanks were erected on site within two days. The units where supplied, delivered and installed successfully to improve the discharge from Danesmoor Waste Water Treatment Works (WwTW) with no safety implications.

Bespoke modular steel WPL N-SAF (submerged aerated filter) biological packaged wastewater treatment solution for Danesmoor wastewater treatment works (7000 PE) for United Utilities, which involved challenging on-site access with overhead cables and narrow country lanes.

WPL and Atana are now a part of WCS Environmental Engineering

WCS Environmental Engineering is a part of the WCS Group, which has the in-house skills and expertise in place to deliver full turnkey solutions from influent to effluent, with the capability to close the loop with water reuse.