Cofloc® organic, bio-degradable coagulant

COFLOC® is a group of low molecular weight organic coagulants, which have a biodegradability of 100% in 20 days and are produced from tannins extracted from the bark of the Acacia mearnsii tree (black acacia). Use of these chemicals has a significant beneficial impact on the operational carbon footprint of treatment works, due to sequestration of carbon dioxide during the trees’ natural growth cycle.

Reduces sludge and costs

  • Organic and bio-degradable – comes from renewable sources
  • Highly efficient
  • 30 % reduction in sludge volume compared with metal salt Coagulants
  • Reduces disposal costs
  • Non-toxic

Wastewater treatment coagulant

Cofloc group of products consists of organic , biodegradable coagulants from renewable sources.

It is non-toxic and is a cationic organic polymer with a low molecular weight.

Cofloc is a coagulant that reacts to produce the separation of suspended parts (colloidal matter) in industrial and domestic wastewater.

This remedy is effective in the treatment of different waste streams, for example it is extremely effective in the food industry, and is also utilised as an oil- emulsion treatment and demulsifier.

Manufactured by Atana under an ISO 14001 environmental management system and is certified for ISO 9001 quality management system.

Cofloc is available in 25 litre drums, 1.050 kg IBC’s or in a 20,000 kg road tanker tank bulk delivery.