Testimonials at a glance:

Presented by Adam Parmenter:

Operations Director for Hutchinson Environmental said:

“Our team found the presentation very informative and useful. Adam was friendly, knowledgeable and clear, he caught everyone’s attention and engaged the team into a very productive conversation on the subject.

Thank you to WPL for sharing the information, to Adam for a fun and well structured presentation, and to Amie for organising this for us. Much appreciated.”


Presented by Andrew Haywood:

Mark Cookson, Process Manager at Nomenca said:

“A very productive and useful exercise with a 100% positive response from the attendees.

Off-site construction clearly saves money and we look forward to engaging with yourselves in the future.”

Nicholas Urbani, Mechanical Engineer, Jacobs Engineering Group said:

“A very well put together presentation with a very knowledgeable speaker.  I personally  found it extremely enlightening, and I am very grateful for Gordon and Andrew making the appearance.  Everyone in attendance found the subject matter very informative, and Andrew’s personalisation of the content for the work we do at Jacobs was much appreciated.”


Presented by Dominic Hamblin:

 Andrew Theobald from Roger Casey Associates Limited said:

“Thank you to Dominic of WPL for an informative and engaging presentation. The CPD didn’t feel like a sales pitch as most do, but instead it was a highly informative overview of all available products & legislature regarding the subject matter, delivered with enthusiasm & in a light hearted manner.”


Charlie Woolcoombe-Adams, Civil Engineer at Mottmac said:

“Dom, I just wanted to say a big thank you for coming down to talk to us.

The content of the presentation gave a perfect insight into WPL and their products, and the additional information with regards to the industry and functioning of the some of the systems was of great interest. Members of the audience ranged from those with 30 years in wastewater to those with no knowledge of how even a toilet cistern works! But the presentation was tailored very well, being both interesting and helpful to everybody listening.

I can honestly say it makes a refreshing change to be presented to in such a way.”


Laura Hargreaves, XC02 Energy Ltd said:

“Thank you to Dominic for delivering a fantastic CPD session.  It makes such refreshing difference to have someone with a bit of personality and good sense of humour!  Especially with the given subject matter being delivered over a lunch time!  The presentation was fast moving, packed with solid information and Dominic was successful in engaging with the staff to ensure the information was received well. Thanks again.”