Flow Monitoring System

In light of the revision to EA regulations concerning discharges from wastewater treatment works, all plants with average dry weather flows (ADWF) exceeding 50m3/d, or a population equivalent of 250 persons must provide for flow monitoring and recording instrumentation.

The WPL Ltd Flow Monitoring system is designed to measure and display the flow rate of discharged final effluent from wastewater treatment plants. For this, WPL utilise a bespokePVC manufactured V-notch chamber comprising of baffles to reduce turbulence of incoming flows to the chamber and custom designed bracket to support the flow measuring transducer.

WPL use ultrasonic transmitters on most flow monitoring applications due to their accuracy and reliability under arduous conditions. When purchased as a complete package, the flow monitoring equipment exceeds the requirements set out under the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive, certified under the MCERTS arrangements of an overall accuracy of ±8% and the open channel flow measurement complies to BS3680 when used with a WPL designed V-notch chamber.