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WPL Diamond range

If your property is not connected to mains sewer, wastewater can be treated by the high quality WPL Diamond range; compact wastewater (sewage) treatment plants for domestic and commercial properties of 1 up to 55 (people) occupancy equivalent.

The compact below ground WPL Diamond package wastewater treatment range uses no chemicals and treats to a high standard, so the effluent can be safely discharged to a soakaway, watercourse or drainage ditch.

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 WPL HiPAF® range

Over 2,000 WPL HiPAF custom package wastewater treatment plants have already been installed internationally in residential, commercial and leisure applications where mains drainage is unavailable. The WPL HiPAF custom packaged wastewater treatment range is designed to meet site specific requirements and demanding applications for both sewage or industrial effluent applications where mains drainage is unavailable.

The WPL HiPAF compact wastewater treatment plant is designed and manufactured to the mandatory European Standard fully type tested and certificated in accordance with the mandatory BS EN 12566-3 – 2014.

The midi and modular WPL HiPAF package wastewater treatment plant options are designed to guidelines BS EN 12255 – 1/15. This European Standard specifies general requirements for structures and equipment as they relate to wastewater treatment plants for a total population of more than 50 PE. The primary application is designed for wastewater treatment plants for the treatment of domestic and municipal wastewater.