Hire and trial of wastewater treatment equipment

We offer a comprehensive choice of hire and trial packaged wastewater treatment equipment to keep sites operational and within consent.

Pilot trials and sedimentation tests

WPL can provide a pilot unit to conduct onsite tests for industrial trade effluent that will identify the precise equipment required for your operation. We offer simple sedimentation tests onsite or at our in-house laboratory. This makes it possible to verify settling capability of the system and the chemical dosing rates or polyelectrolytes required to optimise effluent quality and settling rate.


  • Utilities and municipal
  • Industrial trade effluent
  • Commercial

What we offer:

  • Flexible pricing options and hire/trial periods
  • Consistent process reliability
  • Low operating costs
  • High availability and fast delivery
  • Standard modular units for quick and easy installation
  • Tailored service back up during hire
  • Flexible enough to cope with variable demand, the wastewater treatment units are available for short or long-term hire

Typical applications:

  • Emergency unit that can quickly be mobilised within your area
  • Temporary biological treatment to cover periods of refurbishment of existing wastewater plants
  • A tertiary treatment plant, where tighter consents have been applied to existing works
  • To supplement existing treatment plants, where flows and loads to the plant have increased and the sewage plant is now out of consent or undersized
  • Can be used to upgrade or supplement existing wastewater treatment systems or to provide wastewater treatment for a temporary site

Options include WPL SAF (steel or stainless steel), WPL DAF, microscreens, WPL Lamella Separator, disc filter, and chemical dosing options.