Flexible hire

The flexible hire of treatment units is essential for customers who require emergency equipment for reactive works or refurbishing wastewater sites that must remain fully operational and within environmental consent.

Full scale trials

WPL provides full scale trial units to identify the precise equipment required for your operation, offering immediate enhancement to onsite effluent treatment, meaning compliance is achieved and businesses have breathing space to plan out a permanent fix.

Advance lab testing of effluent ensures the correct technology and treatment processes are in place to ensure compliance based on parameters including levels of fat, oil and grease, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and suspended solids. Once the process is up and running, data can be analysed to help inform a permanent, custom solution – having evidence to prove the effectiveness of the equipment is valuable when putting forward the case for capital funds.

Comprehensive range of equipment

Our comprehensive range of modular wastewater treatment equipment can be transported easily, installed quickly and operate on a “plug and play” basis – ensuring sites of any size remain compliant, even under the most challenging circumstances.

With in-depth knowledge and over 30 years expertise in wastewater treatment, WPL’s engineers understand site limitations and are able to fit the process to meet any conditions.


Flexible treatment systems for short or long term rental: