Hire & trial of wastewater treatment equipment

Sewage and industrial trade effluent treatment


WPL offers a comprehensive choice of sewage and industrial trade wastewater treatment equipment available for hire and trial of the process prior to purchase.

We currently supply wastewater treatment equipment, including short-term or long-term options, to our customers within the UK water utilities, commercial sewage and industrial trade effluent markets.

The hire and trial options include WPL steel  SAF tanks or T300 SAFs (GRP), Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Microscreens, Lamella, Disc filter, and chemical dosing options.

What WPL offer:

  • Flexible pricing options for hire and trial periods
  • Consistent process reliability
  • Low operating costs
  • High availability and fast delivery
  • Standard units for quick and easy installation
  • Flexible enough to cope with variable demand
  • Tailored service back up during hire and trial period

Typical applications:

  • Emergency unit that can quickly be mobilised within your area
  • SAF: temporary biological treatment units to cover periods of refurbishment of existing wastewater plants
  • A tertiary treatment plant, where tighter consents have been applied to existing works
  • To supplement existing treatment plants, where flows and loads have increased and are now out of consent or undersized
  • Can be used to upgrade or supplement existing wastewater treatment systems or to provide wastewater treatment for a temporary site
  • Extended hire and trial options available to prove robust process technology

Transportable Waste Water Treatment Units for Hire