Hire solutions  – adapted to your industrial site specification

Pressure on industrial facilities to meet strict trade effluent standards is mounting, as increasing environmental scrutiny of water companies filters down to their commercial clients. Breaching consent conditions can result in fines, prosecution or the site being shut down. There are also major reputational risks to not fulfilling environmental obligations.

We have the in-house skills and expertise in place to deliver from a single point of hire to full turnkey solutions. Whatever the challenge, we will work with you to find the right solution.

Our fast and effective full-scale hire solutions offer immediate enhancement to onsite effluent treatment – bringing your site into compliance and offering full environmental protection. Our technical experts have an in-depth knowledge of consent requirements, giving customers peace of mind that the applied wastewater treatment processes will be environmentally compliant.

Fast and effective hire equipment:

Bringing your site into compliance with wastewater treatment contract hire, will give you time to build a case for capital funds. Full-scale hire equipment includes:

The long-term solution of installing new or upgrading existing wastewater treatment equipment can mean a significant capital investment – funds which may not be readily available. Opting for a hire solution, which can then be customised to your specific site need, will offer fast and robust environmental protection, while giving you time to plan for long term investment.

Flexible options:

  • Hire equipment – quick setup and commissioning
  • Dedicated support desk
  • Sampling and in-house laboratory testing
  • Range of chemicals – performance guaranteed
  • Plant operator training
  • Maintenance and service (monthly site visits) to ensure optimal performance
  • Hire solutions can be customised to your specific facility specification – option to purchase or continue on hire

Dedicated support desk

Our customer support continues after installation. We have a dedicated support desk, open Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, with an additional option of out-of-hours support, based on individual site requirements.

Data analysis

We offer a comprehensive assessment of your site’s needs and its performance, to understand how to customise the solution and to prove its effectiveness. This information is valuable when putting forward a case for capital funds.

Sampling and laboratory testing

Our onsite sampling and laboratory testing of effluent ensures the correct technology and treatment processes are in place to maintain compliance based on parameters including levels of fat, oil and grease, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and suspended solids.

Site-specific design for custom solutions

While designed and set up quickly, our full-scale hire solutions are then custom designed, based on specific site requirements. We have a large and comprehensive range of equipment, which can be easily transported, set up and commissioned quickly.

Our effluent water treatment solutions are modular and flexible – we can add to, alter or remove existing equipment to find the best solution for your site. Employee training can be easily arranged, if required.


We offer a range of chemicals to ensure performance guarantee – meeting regulatory and environmental requirements.

WCS Group in-house expertise delivering full turn key solutions

WPL and Atana technical and engineering teams work directly with customers to identify optimal solutions that address environmental and public health concerns throughout the water cycle.

WPL joined WCS Environmental Engineering division, which forms part of Marlowe’s grouping of water and air industry, in January 2021. This development means that across the group, the in-house skills and expertise are in place to deliver full turnkey solutions, from influent to effluent, with the capability to close the loop with water reuse.

Water utility partners

WPL’s technical experts are trusted and respected across the water industry. We have designed and installed wastewater treatment solutions for a diverse range of global sites. Our successful partnerships with utility clients mean we understand the high environmental standards they strive to achieve.

Environmental protection

Our technology is designed to have a low environmental impact. Our low-carbon, low-energy, water efficient solutions can help customers achieve their sustainability goals.