WPL wins a competitive bid through Kier to supply Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water  with eight WPL conical tanks and two WPL sandfilters.  The  down stream conical tanks are part of the bid requirement for projects at Henllan, Llithfaen and Croes-goch.

The project at Croes-goch had an additional tight stringent consent standard of 11 mg/l BOD, 17 mg/l SS and to ensure this consent standard was met, WPL specified two additional sandfilters to be installed downstream of the conical tanks.

The WPL conical tanks are currently at the design stage and planned for delivery in Q1, 2015.

The WPL specification:

  • Henllan , 2 x 5m tanks and 2 x 6m tanks
  • Llithfaen , 2 x 4m tanks
  • Croes-goch , 2 x 4m conical tanks and 2 x sandfilters