WPL will work closely with principle contractor Morgan Sindall Grontmij, to supply a bespoke WPL HiPAF packaged sewage treatment plant to Yorkshire Waters existing works at Westow village (population 330).

The decision to choose the WPL HiPAF packaged sewage treatment plant, was based upon meeting Yorkshire Waters wastewater asset standards, whilst being mindful of keeping whole life costs to a minimum.

The current site has a conventional set of concrete settlement tanks, trickling filters and the reed beds which are coming to the end of their lifecycle.

Andrew Haywood, Utility and Industrial Manager states “The bespoke HiPAF will receive flow from an existing above ground sewer, which allows gravity feed through the process. The plant will be designed to treat a formula A flow.  Flows >1.92 l/sec will be diverted to a storm settlement tank also being designed and supplied by WPL.”


Site Westow WwTW.  Influent Conditions:


The bespoke HiPAF solution includes:

  • separate dedicated primary storage tank
  • separate configuration for a SAF and humus tank
  • storm tank – 3m WPL conical tank
  • duty stand by blowers and kiosk
  • large Mark 3 access lids for easy maintenance
  • bespoke HiPAF modules manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • bespoke Hipaf modules installed below ground


The project is currently at design stage and planned for delivery Q1 2015


About the bespoke HiPAF sewage treatment plant

The WPL HiPAF SAF (Submerged Aerated Filter), is a bespoke sewage treatment plant solution specifically designed to meet demanding, individual site requirements.

Installed throughout the United Kingdom and overseas, the HiPAF is regularly specified by Water Companies including United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, Anglian Water and Southern Water, whilst also being the preferred choice in many commercial and domestic applications not connected to mains drainage.


Features and Benefits:

  • Low maintenance
    The design has no internal mechanical moving parts therefore it requires minimal annual maintenance
    Emptying of the tank is also not required during maintenance as WPL design can isolate and remove sections of the air distribution system
  • Low running costs
    Significant reduction in power consumption can be achieved using VSD’s, timers, instrumentation and control to deliver lowest TOTEX solution
  • Low installation costs and flexibility on site
    Only a small excavation is required due to its compact design allowing flexibility of positioning on site
  • Bespoke configurations
    Energy saving options and chemical dosing packages can be configured to the design for site specific requirements
  • Minimal visual impact
    Does not impede views due to the below ground installation
  • Variable flows and loads
    During low flow conditions the level in the primary tank is reduced utilising forward feed air lift pumps. This creates a buffering volume that reduces the impact during high flows
  • Reliable operation
    Underpinned by the supply chain partners that WPL uses
  • Robust operation
    Proven WPL SAF technology based on 25 years empirical data
  • Easy access
    Large access lids therefore no requirement for confined space entry reducing health and safety risks
    Access also offers ease of maintenance and process optimisation.
  • Simple tankering operation
    Humus and primary sludge are stored in one place for simple tankering operation

For more information go to WPL Bespoke HiPAF System