WPL’s compact sewage treatment plant has been purchased for a commercial application to replace an old septic tank in a large industrial site.  The WPL Diamond DMC9 was specified to treat domestic wastewater for the Engineering supply business RS Industrial Services, and cope with a various amount of daily visitors whist still hitting discharge consent standards.

The sewage treatment system also has the added benefit of having a small footprint making it less disruptive to install due to its compact design.

RS Industrial Services purchased the WPL Diamond DMC 9 to install at their Billingham site near Middlesbrough to replace an old septic tank which serves customers and employees toilet facilities and a small tea kitchen.

The company has a trade counter supplying engineering products, carries out overhead crane maintenance & repair, the supply & inspection of lifting equipment, and also has a training centre on site.  The sizing of the compact sewage treatment plant therefore had to take into consideration the extra influx of people visiting the trade counter and candidates attending the training courses.

The WPL Diamond DMC9 emits no odours, is easy to install and meets all Environment Agency consents.  To download and read content such as brochures, manuals, case studies and technical drawings visit the WPL Diamond website.