The WPL Diamond DMS (off mains drainage) compact sewage treatment range for domestic and commercial properties can now be specified with an External Pump Chamber (EPC),  which can deliver up to 100 litres per minute of effluent at a head of 4m.

The external pump chamber is an ideal option if the location of the sewage treatment plant is on an incline, in a high water table area, or a long distance away from the designated discharge point (ie: soakaway/water course/ditch) where the final effluent may require pumping.

The compact sewage treatment plant from WPL is small, below ground for minimal visual impact and specifically designed for properties  (1 to 20 population) not connected to mains drainage.

The  WPL Diamond DMS treates sewage to Environment Agency approved levels without the need to add chemicals and the final effluent can be safely discharged to a soakaway,watercourse or ditch.

The WPL Diamond DMS sewage treatment plant can be simply retro-fitted and is easy to maintain.

The Diamond Standard:

  • CE Marked – Fully tested, accredited and certified under the BS EN12566-3 standard
  • Environment Agency – Fully compliant with recommendations and exceeds normal consent standards
  • UK Building Regulations – Fully compliant with Part H2
  • Environmental Permitting – Programme 2 (EPP2) meets current legislation for exemption from a permit to discharge by the Environment Agency
  • British Water – Designed using the British Water Code of Practice Flows and Loads, to ensure the tank is correctly sized
  • LABC Registered – Pre-registered with Local Authority Building Control and is recognised by all LABC inspectors in England & Wales

Diamond (DMS) compact sewage treatment plants (properties of 1-20 people) 

Typical domestic uses for  include:

  • Single houses
  • Replacement of septic tanks

Typical commercial uses include:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Farm shops
  • Other rural businesses

For more information download our WPL Diamond brochure.


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