New industrial estate in sub-saharan Africa requires an off mains drainage solution to treat raw sewage for a residential block, industrial site and a power and fire station.

Key to the project is a competitive price, compact design for transportation and a solution that’s robust and environmentally sensitive to support the conservation of the surrounding rugged African landscape.

Three DMS and two DMC WPL Diamonds were specified, complete with pumping stations, medium kiosks, air blowers and replacement parts to comply with a discharge consent standard: 20mg/l BOD5, 30g/l SS, 20mg/l NH4-N (95 percentile).

Dave Parkinson, Product Division Director  states “The WPL Diamond range is a familiar brand name for domestic housing in the UK, however the solution is placed in a lot of commercial applications.  Our range of diamonds can accommodate 1 person or up to 55 population per plant depending on the type of solution required.”

Why send UK Diamonds to Africa:

  • Treatment requires no chemicals in keeping with the environmental sensitivity.
  • Robust process meets all normal Environment Agency consents – meaning it reaches the highest quality standards.
  • Compact design is easy to install with minimal labour and on-going low user maintenance.
  • DMS range has up to 3 years de-sludge intervals.
  • Quality UK engineering and manufacture – constructed with high quality components, load tested and water tight.


A WPL Grease Guzzler is an additional specification to support the commercial kitchen feeding the local workers.  Dave continues “the Grease Guzzler ensures cooking oils and fats used in large quantities do not find their way into the drainage system, blocking the sewage treatment plant.  The S65 bio fluid was also provided as it does not contain surfactants, ensuring biological breakdown.”

Grease Guzzler is ideal for the African environment:

  • Eliminates foul drain odours caused by rancid grease, and helps prevent rodent and insect infestation.
  • Natural process – digests FOGs using naturally occurring micro-organism.
  • Compact requiring no space-consuming drums of bio-chemicals unlike some alternative products.
  • Designed on the principle of ‘fit and forget,’ it is completely automated and self-contained, requiring no daily maintenance.
  • S65 Bio Fluid digests grease oils and fats within the drainage system biologically.


Diamonds leaving WPL for sub-sharan Africa


WPL Diamonds – DMS (pictured left) leaving WPL to be containerised on board the shipping vessel.

Larger WPL Diamonds – DMC (pictured right) packed in protective sea freight creates ensuring safe passage.