The WPL Diamond DMS range of sewage treatment plants is growing in popularity in Germany since receiving approval (no. Z-55.31-426) from the German construction authority, ‘DIBT’ (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik), in March 2012.

The WPL Diamond DMS range offers four different tank sizes, catering for 1-20 persons. The smallest WPL Diamond system available, the DMS2, is ideal for households of up to six persons.

Its unique design means that it is efficient for just one or two persons, unlike other systems available in Germany that require a minimum of four – so the WPL Diamond DMS2 is the perfect solution for the many small households in rural areas.

The robust and yet very simple design has no moving parts inside the tank. This guarantees minimal maintenance and reliable operation of the plant. The size and weight of the tanks support quick and easy installations. Furthermore, the long de-sludge periods make it a most attractive solution for private house owners as well as small businesses.

With several German distributors already seeing the benefits of installing the WPL Diamond for their customers, WPL is now starting to supply stock so delivery lead times for customers are even faster.

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