The Diamond packaged sewage treatment plant, RainRetain rainwater harvesting systems and percolation tunnels now save you more time and money than ever before as they gain LABC registration.

A key part of installing any form of sewage treatment plant, rainwater harvesting system or percolation tunnel soakaway system can be the planning and building control approval process. While this can sometimes be a laborious and time consuming process, WPL are making it easier for customers to install their products with minimal time and fuss by gaining LABC registration.

LABC registration takes the strain out of building control approval processes as once a product, like the WPL Diamond, has been approved by the LABC; those details are then shared across the entire LABC network and are immediately recognised by all LABC surveyors in England and Wales.

While registration is not in any way a certification, this system allows architects, contractors, developers and specifiers to be reassured that the system they are purchasing or specifying has been fully checked by the LABC. Perhaps the most important part of this is that the product is compliant with all current building control regulations, provided that they are installed correctly and used as registered by the manufacturer.

WPL Limited were assessed by Portsmouth City Council and received LABC registration for their Diamond Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant, RainRetain Domestic and Developers’ Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Percolation Tunnels in February 2011.

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