The WPL Diamond DMS & DMC sewage treatment range has been granted German DIBT approval number Z-55.31-426 meaning it is the only compact sewage treatment plant not requiring a primary tank or pre-treatment in Germany, allowing the whole process to happen in one tank divided into two.

Previously the WPL Diamond had German approval with the use of a screen box (pre-treatment).  The latest approval now means the WPL Diamond can be installed without a screen box and still comply with German DIBT requirements.


Cost saving advantages:

  • Longer de-sludge intervals
    Where the screen box (primary tank) has been removed, desludging intervals have increased from 1 to 3 years out performing  competitors.*
  • Easy to install
    Installation costs are reduced where only a small excavation is required because of the 1 tank 2 chamber compact design.  The plant can easily replace existing septic tanks and in most instances occupy the existing space.

The WPL Diamond sewage treatment plant can be applied to residential properties, commercial properties and used to replace the now illegal septic tanks traditionally used in Eastern Germany.


WPL Diamond Features and Benefits:

  • Low running cost & user maintenance
    Unlike other sewage treatment plants on the market, the unique design has no internal mechanical moving parts which means that it requires minimal annual maintenance making it economical to run
  • Minimal visual impact
    The WPL Diamond’s sewage treatment tank is buried entirely underground with only the lid showing at ground level so it has minimal visual impact
  • No odours
    Most other treatment plants have primary tanks which store settled solids and can emit odours however our design has no primary tank and is therefore odour-free
  • Kind to the environment
    The treatment process requires no chemicals, so it’s kind to the environment


*de-sludging interval is 3 years on the DMS range.