A WPL HiPAF Modular wastewater treatment system has been specified to treat the wash water for a global company’s large hatchery processing plant in Warwickshire. WPL were selected in a competitive bid based on the process capabilities of the HiPAF (High Performance Aerated Filter) which references the brands unique WPL hydraulic profile which works within the filter bed.

Wash water is used for disease prevention and control at hatcheries to ensure the overall health of chicks and provide the highest quality care and welfare standards. A treatment plant is required to treat the used wash water with an estimated flow of 98 m3/day so it can be discharged to a consent standard of 20mg/l BOD5, 30/l SS, 20mg/l NH4 -N (95 percentile).

This installation of a WPL HiPAF Modular will consist of:

HiPAF Biological Treatment Tank
Humus Settlement Tank
Flow calmer
Walk in GRP kiosk
Two side channel blowers (working on a duty and standby arrangement)
Electrical control panel
10m high temp air hose

WPL’s robust biological treatment process is backed by proven WPL SAF technology based on nearly 25 years empirical data offering treatment for carbonaceous removal, nitrification and de-nitrification (Total N) when strict standards are required.