Upfront screening of larger contaminates in the septic waste

WPL will be supplying their first Inlet Bug Screen for an industrial client, Hydro-Rod, a drainage and sewage disposal specialist.  The Inlet Bug Screen is required to provide upfront screening of larger contaminates in the septic waste being delivered to Hydro-Rod’s treatment facility.

Hydro-Rod specialise in the emptying, repairing and installing septic tanks together with drain clearance and general civil engineering such as groundworks.  At present the contaminants in the septic waste being delivered to Hydro-Rod’s treatment facility are too large for their coarse screen.  This causes blockages in the current screen resulting in high levels of maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis.

Integrating the Inlet Bug Screen into the primary sewage processing stage means larger waste products are removed prior to the coarse screening allowing finer solids to be removed more efficiently.

The WPL Inlet Bug Screen incorporates an above ground circular bar screen, which has been developed as a mobile/temporary unit for pre-treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. It removes fine solid impurities larger than 3 or 6mm, depending on the chosen screen aperture. It also removes grit up to 50mm, sand larger than 3 or 6mm, grease, fibres, and textiles.

The unit is equipped with an integrated bypass, which mitigates the risk associated with power failure or other damage to the fine screen. The unit is further equipped with an easy-to-open laminated cover, fitted with a ‘deadman switch,’ cut-out arrangement for safety.

Chui Green,  Utilitiy and Industrial Sales Manager states “WPL are delighted to work with Hydro-Rod to bring the first Inlet BUG screen to the UK Industrial market.  The screen is used to filter sewage coming direct from septic tanks to separate large solids at the beginning of the wastewater treatment process.  The design of the unit makes it fully transportable with a small footprint which meets the specific needs of our client’s requirements.”

Product Benefits:

  • Quality design
  • Transportable design
  • Small footprint
  • Choice of 3 or 6mm grates
  • Easy to install and operate

Bug Screen is ideal for Municipal and Industrial applications