Pharmaceutical manufacture facility selects WPL DAF treatment

The contractor undertaking construction of a new pharmaceutical plant in the UK has ordered two dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems from WPL. The units will be a permanent fixture at the works, which will process chemical wastewater for the manufacture of care products.

The ability to manufacture and install the UF10 DAF units within a short timeframe, to suit the contractor’s schedule, helped wastewater treatment specialist WPL win the order.

Andrew Haywood, utility and industrial sales manager at WPL said: “The contractor initially got in touch to ask if WPL could supply one DAF unit, but have now ordered two. Installation will take place in Q3 2016, while the factory is being built.”


COD reduction

The pharmaceutical company will use the units to treat rinse waters with suspended solids of 600mg/l and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of 6,000mg/l.

The DAF process uses compressed air to physically separate contaminants from wastewater. Within the DAF unit suspended solids are attracted to bubbles rising to the surface where they can be skimmed off.

One of the two units can treat 9m3 of pharmaceutical rinse waters every three hours, while the other will treat 13m3 of wastewater every three hours. The company will also supply two control panels and dosing pumps for chemical treatment.


Increasing demand

Andrew Haywood said: “It was fortunate WPL was able to meet the contractor’s request to manufacture and deliver two DAF units within a very narrow timeframe.

“WPL has 25 years experience of supplying the water industry and is seeing increasing demand from industrial customers. Rising sewerage charges and additional regulation are likely to increase the demand for bespoke wastewater treatment systems.”