Due to increasing visitors at a celebrated historic site in Scotland, a WPL HiPAF Midi was installed to upgrade the original WPL wastewater treatment system installed in 1997 when the visitor centre was first built.

The tailor-made WPL HiPAF Midi system was designed to deal with often lengthy power cuts in winter and extreme weather conditions in this remote location. Dominic Hamblin, Sales Manager states:

“Robust, compact and easy-to-maintain, the WPL HiPAF Midi is a great fit for historical site. Whether coping with the impact of thousands of visitors during the summer or surviving the vagaries of the winter, the new compact treatment plant will serve visitors to this Scottish treasure for years to come.”

The unique design of the WPL HiPAF Midi primary tank means it can cope with variable flows which is essential for this site. During the summer season the influx of visitors can bring in as many as 2,000 people in a day while in the wild winter weather the site can be without a single visitor.

The original WPL system was re-purposed to create an overflow tank by removing the internal equipment. This tank can now be used for storage should effluent pass a certain level in the event of prolonged power failure.

A WPL Grease Guzzler was fitted to the kitchen on site to prevent the buildup of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in the treatment process, which can damage equipment and slow down treatment. This self-contained grease management system uses patented biotechnology to ensure efficient and effective drain cleansing, with minimal impact on the environment.


WPL HiPAF key benefits:

  • Only a small excavation is required due to its compact design
  • Does not impede views due to the below ground installation
  • Delivered with a hiab for ease of off loading allowing for a quick turnaround
  • Flow balancing in the primary tank means it can cope with variable flows and loads
  • The design has no internal mechanical moving parts therefore it requires minimal annual maintenance
  • Large access lids option for easy maintenance as no need for confined entry in to the tank – the air diffuser system is easily accessible within
  • WPL HiPAF Range is specifically designed to meet UK and European stringent consent standards


WPL Grease Guzzler key benefits:

  • Digests FOGs using naturally occurring micro-organisms
  • Eliminates foul drain odours caused by rancid grease improving hygiene, and helping to prevent rodent and insect infestation
Grease management for Croydon Catering College

Ten WPL Grease Guzzlers have been installed at Croydon Catering College