WPL wins additional work for Westow Village wastewater treatment works (estimated population equivalent of 330). The original requirement is a bespoke below ground HiPAF packaged sewage treatment plant to replace the conventional set of concrete settlement tanks, trickling filters and the reed beds which are coming to the end of their asset life. Principal contractor Morgan Sindall Grontmij  Joint Venture has now extended the scope of work to include the supply and installation:

  • A Form 4 control panel and associated kiosk.
  • A bespoke prefabricated flow monitoring chamber.
  • Lagging and frost protection of exposed pipework.
  • M&E installation and commissioning of the WPL HiPAF plant and storm pump.

The original decision to choose the WPL HiPAF packaged sewage treatment plant, was based upon meeting Yorkshire Waters wastewater asset standards, whilst being mindful of keeping whole life costs to a minimum and reducing impact on the nearby village.

Andrew Haywood, Utility and Industrial Manager states “The bespoke HiPAF will receive flow from an existing above ground sewer, which allows gravity feed through the process. The plant will be designed to treat a Flow to Full Treatment (FFT) of 1.92l/s. Flows above FFT will be diverted to a storm settlement tank in which WPL are supplying an outlet launder and weir and a storm return pump.”

About the HiPAF

The HiPAF (High Performance Aerated Filter) brand name references the unique hydrodynamic profile within the filter bed.  The benefit is a stable even biomass growth, during high or low flows meaning WPL is offering higher treatment efficiencies over other similar solutions on the market.

WPL’s robust biological treatment process is backed by proven SAF technology, based on 25 years empirical data offering treatment for carbonaceous (BOD) removal, nitrificationand de-nitrification (Total N) when strict standards are required.

For more information contact Andrew Haywood 

Tel:  +44 7738211914

Above and below ground HiPAF packaged sewage treatment plant examples

above-ground-wpl-hipaf-utilities-off-mains-sewage-treatment-plant-at-letwell  HiPAF below ground installation in GRP