WPL is set to deliver a bespoke modular hybrid GRP and steel SAF sewage and wastewater treatment solution to the South West Water Praze-An-Beeble site in Cornwall this quarter.

The SWW project required a sewage works upgrade to achieve a more stringent effluent quality standard for ammonia. This requirement was part of the AMP 5 improvements where the Environment Agency had imposed a 3 mg/l ammonia consent standard.

The review of available technologies to achieve the above was carried out by SWW consultants, Aqua Consultants and Hyder, and the decision on which technology to use was determined by, but not limited to:

  • OPEX
  • Available footprint on the site
  • Access challenges due to the site being located down a narrow and steep access road with electrical cables around the site access area.

The determined SAF technology went out to tender through contractor Tecker, allowing WPL to provide a competitive bid outlining the bespoke modular hybrid GRP and steel SAF solution.

Andrew Haywood, Utility and Industrial Sales Manager at WPL states “Due to recent R&D product developments and improvements at WPL, we re-proposed (post contract receipt) the hybrid tank. This met with some objection initially but once WPL overcame any concerns with Tecker and SWW, the new design was approved.”

The WPL modular SAF solution will meet the requirements of the discharge permit and dry weather flow of 390m3/d BOD 16mg/l, SS 32mg/l and Ammonia 3mg/l to a 2031 design horizon; with a forecast combined and domestic peak tourist population of 1775.

Additionally the site footprint was also restrictive which determined the tank dimensions, and WPL worked closely with Tecker to provide a bespoke single tank design delivered as a three module solution to meet the client’s specification and site limitations.

Andrew continues “The bespoke design solution takes in to consideration ease of transportation to overcome access challenges and footprint restrictions, whilst manufacturing and assembling the modular kit at WPL ensures quality control and reduces the on site build costs.”


UK Water Utility:     South West Water
Consultants:            Aqua Consultants and Hyder
Contractor:              Tecker
WPL Product:           Hybrid SAF Solution – design engineered and manufactured by WPL Ltd