Powering up: does your site need recommissioning support?

WPL are offering free online clinics throughout August to guide sites through the recommissioning process during the transition back to normal operations.

As restrictions have begun to ease The Environment Agency advises the hospitality industry for private sewage treatment plants to be made ready for use again following a period of shutdown and low flows.

It is essential that environmental impacts must be minimised as operators restart their sewage treatment plants, and those who discharge poor quality effluent risk being in breach of their environmental permits or the General Binding Rules if their discharges cause pollution of surface water or groundwater.

Topics include:

  • Getting your treatment plant back up and running – maintaining and increasing flows
  • Mitigating and reducing risk including plant overloading, pollution and breaching discharge permits
  • One-to-one advice on site specific concerns

To book into our free clinic contact Dominic Hamblin directly or email us at enquiries@wpl.co.uk

Dominic Hamblin

Technical Manager

EMAIL: dominic.hamblin@wpl.co.uk

TEL: +44 (0) 7425 627 034


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