Adam Parmenter

As WPL’s Industrial Sales Manager Adam works closely with our industrial clients to ensure their onsite effluent treatment processes meet full environmental compliance.

Adam joined the WPL team five years ago and has worked with clients including PepsiCo, Wasabi and Aesica Pharmaceuticals. He has delivered a variety of turn-key and temporary emergency response projects, while successfully growing and developing our industrial effluent treatment sectors.

A trusted industry expert and thought leader, Adam has an in-depth technical knowledge of industrial wastewater processes with a deep understanding of the trade effluent and compliance issues our clients face.

He works collaboratively with clients to assess individual requirements and develop site-specific solutions, alongside a dedicated technical team at WPL.

With a background in business development and an MSc in consumer psychology, his research skills have allowed him to thoroughly develop customised solutions for each client. Adam’s cross-disciplinary skills have enabled him to view the market from a different perspective, offering a new and unique approach to problem-solving.

He has been instrumental in expanding and enhancing WPL’s trade effluent service and takes great pride in helping clients future-proof their sites to provide long-term environmental protection.