Lee Thurston

Lee is WPL’s highly motivated Operations Manager with a sustained record of achievement and with nearly 30 years of manufacturing and operational experience behind him.

Having started his career in the high voltage switchgear sector, Lee has gained experience in a diverse number of industries including power supplies, variable speed drives and control systems and more recently oil and gas.

Continually looking to ‘challenge the norm’, Lee possesses over 19 years in operational leadership with a remit covering; new product introduction, manufacturing, supply chain and project management.

To highlight some personal achievements in his career, Lee is proud to have led and project managed the successful delivery of a $4.6m order for a major oil & gas customer, building oil platforms off the coast of Angola.

He also successfully led and project managed the set-up and start-up of the first manufacturing facility for an oil and gas company in Pune, India.

In his spare time, Lee has a passion for both playing and listening to rock music.