Significantly reducing the high cost of rebuilding infrastructure

WPL can retrofit into any on-site vessels regardless of shape or size.  Key advantages include a significant reduction in the high cost of rebuilding infrastructure, size of footprint and electricity consumption whilst increasing the overall process capacity of the plant and improving environmental compliance

Our service extends to the hire of packaged wastewater treatment to ensure your site is not disrupted and compliant during a repurpose project.


  • Utilities and municipal
  • Commercial

Enhanced WPL Hybrid-SAF™ technology

  • High-rate process (submerged moving-bed, fixed-film reactor)
  • Achieving <0.4mg/l ammonia discharge
  • Site footprint 30% smaller than comparable technologies
  • Energy consumption reduced in line with footprint reduction
  • Fully optimising new or existing on-site vessels regardless of shape or size
  • Off-site build – minimal installation & commissioning time
  • Installed on site within days
  • Reduces waste and optimises site footprint.
  • No mechanical or electrical moving parts within the tank

Design and off-site build

  • CFD modelling carried out
  • Vessel scanned to ensure precision fit
  • Built in a quality controlled environment
  • Collaborating early on a project – fully understand the scope

Image showing the modular cell installation of WPL Hybrid-SAF technology (repurpose project) offering significant reductions in the high cost of rebuilding infrastructure, size of footprint & energy consumption

Image: Installation of  WPL Hybrid-SAF technology cells in to a repurposed sludge tank

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