Significantly reducing the high cost of rebuilding infrastructure

Repurpose of on site assets

Companies have multiple challenges in managing their wastewater treatment operations in the coming years.  Capacity will need to expand as population grows and there may be little land available for expansion of site footprint.

Hybrid-SAF™ is a highly efficient biological treatment technology. The custom-built cells can be retrofitted and into any on-site vessels regardless of shape or size.

Key advantages:

  • Significant reduction in the high cost of rebuilding infrastructure
  • Site footprint 30% smaller than comparable technologies
  • Achieving <0.4mg/l ammonia discharge
  • Modular off-site build reduces installation time
  • Low operator maintenance process technology

Watch now: Wastewater treatment using  Hybrid SAF technology has achieved total compliance over the first year of operation at a Wessex Water site. Watch the full video on how enhanced hydraulics and adaptable design also delivered a 75% cost saving for the client.

Our service extends to the hire of packaged wastewater treatment to ensure your site is not disrupted and compliant during a repurpose project.


  • Water utilities and municipal sites
  • Commercial sewage treatment sites
  • Ideal for environmentally-sensitive areas

Design and off-site build

  • CFD modelling carried out
  • Vessel scanned to ensure precision fit
  • Built in a quality controlled environment
  • Collaborating early on a project – fully understand the scope