Refurbishment and repurpose projects – wastewater treatment

WPL works closely in collaboration with the client to overcome on-site specific wastewater treatment challenges to extend the asset life.

Repurpose projects

Repurpose projects deliver more process capacity in to legacy vessels regardless of shape and size . Our enhanced submerged biological process technology has significant process efficiency advantages, resulting in reductions in cost, footprint and electricity whilst increasing the overall process capacity of the plant and improving environmental compliance.

Our service can extend to the hire of temporary mobile wastewater treatment systems to ensure wastewater treatment is not disrupted and compliant during a refurbishment or repurpose project.

Key benefits:



  • The cost to repurpose is significantly lower than the refurbishment or new biological treatment solution

Reduction in footprint size and energy usage

  • Modular process technology cells – 30% smaller footprint compared to comparable technologies
  • Due to the smaller footprint, the energy consumption is reduced in line with the 30% – optimising  energy per m³ treated

Process quality

  • Consistently achieves final effluent Ammonia concentrations of less than 1 mg/l on a 95%ile basis
  • Rotary flow through multiple modular process technology cells using airlift principals
  • Designed the hydraulics to follow a torturous route to maximize process volume
  • WPL’s own enhanced biological reactor design patent pending, ensures surplus biomass is washed through the system and does not accumulate
    (Submerged moving-bed fixed-film biological reactor)

Low operator maintenance

  • No mechanical or electrical moving parts within the process technology cells
  • No need to drain the tanks or remove the media during maintenance
  • No need to desluge the process technology cells
  • Does not require additional equipment or adaptation of existing apparatus to provide a scouring function within the biological reactor
  • When the plant is fully optimised – max requirement visual check once a week, however this is not a requirement
  • In the event of damage – the modular process technology cells can be individually removed, repaired and re installed without impacting on the process and the discharge standard. Typically this can achieved in half a day with a single crane lift.

Custom design and off-site build

  • Can overcome installation challenges, both height and width restrictions in to and onsite
  • Process capacity is maximised using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and 3D laser scanning
  • Modular interconnecting cells installed on-site within days (built off-site)

Reference sites available on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your require a site visit to review existing asset condition and provide wastewater treatment cost options based on your on-site specific challenge.