Refurbishment and repurpose projects – wastewater treatment

WPL works closely in collaboration with the client to overcome on-site specific wastewater treatment challenges to extend the asset life.

This service can extent to the hire of temporary mobile wastewater treatment systems to ensure wastewater treatment is not disrupted and compliant during a refurbishment or repurpose project.

Repurpose projects

For biological treatment projects our modular submerged aerated filter (SAF) cells are custom design and built (off-site) to fit inside multiple shaped on-site tanks, transforming a redundant or end of life tank in to an efficient biozone. To ensure precision we scan the tank to within +/-3mm tolerance and manufacture the modular SAF cells to the same tolerance.

Key benefits:

Reduction in footprint and energy usage

  • The unique hydraulic design of our SAF technology fits more process treatment capacity inside the existing tank, which reduces the footprint size and in turn optimises energy per m³ treated

Process quality

  • Consistently achieves final effluent Ammonia concentrations of less than 1 mg/l on a 95%ile basis

Low operator maintenance

  • No mechanical or electrical moving parts within the SAF cells
  • No need to drain the tanks or remove the (NB) media during maintenance
  • No need to desluge the SAF cells

Custom modular design and off-site build

  • Off-site build modular SAF cell technology is installed on-site within days
  • Modularity of the cell design can overcome installation challenges, both height and width restrictions


  • The cost to repurpose is significantly lower than a refurbishment or new biological treatment solution

Reference sites available on request

Site service team

The Site Service team can deliver planned service and maintenance contracts based on customer’s treatment needs.  Regular site visits by WPL’s specialist engineers help keep package treatment plants in good working order.  This minimises the risk of emergency incidents, breaches of compliance, and more costly reactive maintenance.

The service can include telemetry links supplied and installed, and additional monitoring back to our technicians to give advice on common failures or breakdown. The team keeps a well-stocked supply of common spares so that any downtime is kept to a minimum.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if your require a site visit to review existing asset condition and provide wastewater treatment cost options based on your on-site specific challenge.