Trufloc® organic flocculants based in water and oil

Trufloc synthetic water dispersion polymers, which are 60-70% biodegradable in 20 days. They are free of surfactant and solvents and their manufacturing process has a low environmental impact in comparison to other mineral oil-based polymer manufacturing processes.

The Trufloc range includes two water-based polymers: anionic, which has 50% of the carbon footprint of oil-based emulsion polymers; and cationic, which has 70% of the carbon footprint of oil-based emulsion.

The smart choice for separation of solid and liquid

  • Very economical
  • Effective at low dosage levels
  • High drainage capacity
  • Automatically metered
  • Easy to apply

Polymers for wastewater treatment.

Trufloc ® consists of a series of poly- electrolytes based on water and oil with high efficiency, especially developed for solid-liquid separation processes within the industrial and domestic waste streams.

Suitable for the treatment of industrial water supplies, urban waste water, waste water from food and drink manufacturers, chemical plants, mines and other industrial activities.

The flocculates accelerate the separation rate and also improve the efficiency of the separation of water, because the collected flakes are easier to be filtered. Simple pre- made tests determine the most suitable type Trufloc ® for application.

Trufloc ® is available in powder form (solid, free-flowing , dust-free products) and in emulsion form polymers.