Balancing tank

WPL Balancing Tanks should be considered when sites have variable occupancy levels, such as sporting and wedding facilities, or when you need to overcome deep inlets or to equalise flows from combined foul and surface water sewers.

They can also be used for industrial applications to control flow and load to downstream processes such as Dissolved Air Flotations (DAFs) and Submerged Aerated Filters (SAF).

The WPL Balancing Tank is sized specifically to cope with these variable fluctuations or depths of invert. The balancing tank incorporates controls which measures the level within the tank to determine the optimum flow the treatment plant will receive. This in turn allows WPL to potentially reduce the size of the treatment system, as these flows can be spread across a 24hr period buffering the peak flows from the site.

Tanks are generally manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or steel and can incorporate various optional features such as; ultrasonic level measurement to allow for accurate flow delivery, an aeration package to prevent the build-up of septicity and various telemetry options to provide specific alarm functions.