Microscreen drum filter tertiary polishing plant

The microscreen is used when further solids and/or biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) needs to be removed:

  • Preventing damage to downstream processes
  • Improving efficiency of downstream processes
  • Reducing contamination to watercourses
  • Seperating effluents to enable recycling

The unique design of the drum filter maximises the surface area of filtration to achieve high removal efficiency with extremely low operating costs.


  • Water utilities and municipal wastewater
  • Industrial trade effluent

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Why choose a WPL Clic-Clo Microscreen:

Low maintenance and operations costs

  • Low power consumption – typical power consumption for 20 l/sec <0.3kw/hr
  • Minimal weekly checks
  • No chemicals required for maintenance
  • Easy to install cartridge-based screen cloth
  • Fully automate system where the process is uninterrupted during the backwash cycle
  • Polyamide or stainless steel cartridges can be utilised

Design and manufacture

  • Above ground installation in a stainless steel cabinet
  • Below ground installation in a precast concrete channel when considering a gravity flow
  •  Skid mounted options for temporary solutions
  • Choice of Form 2 or Form 4 control panels
  • Integral pumped backwash system fitted as standard
  • Collated sludge can be either pumped or gravitated, dependent on site levels
  • Optional colour finish can be specified to coordinate with other equipment on site to minimise visual impact

Cartridge based cloth/filtration system

  • One-size cartridge fits all models
  • Easy to change on site without the need for a service call
  • Polyamide or stainless steel cloths can be fitted
  • Interchangeable cloth cartridges available
  • From 20 microns upwards to provide flexibility on flow vs flux and cater for more stringent solids consents
  • Use of backwash wastewater to cleanse the cloth

Hire and pilot trials

WPL can provide hire units and pilot trial units to conduct onsite tests that will identify the precise equipment required for your operation.

Technical specification

Download the WPL Clic-Clo Microscreen datasheet within the Assets section on this page.

Hire option with skid mounted with flow calming tank

 Hire WPL Microscreen tertiary polishing plant skid mounted, a component of wastewaster and sewage treatment systems

Permanent installation with flow calming tank

Image of WPL Clic-Clo Microscreen tertiary polishing plant, a component of wastewaster and sewage treatment systems

Supplied with an access platform

Image of WPL Clic-Clo microscreen drum filter tertiary polishing plant