High quality sedimentation tanks

Conical settlement tanks are used in the primary and final stage of the wastewater treatment process. Designed to principles established in BS 4994, the settlement tanks are supplied complete with internal launders, diffuser drum (stilling well), scum board and piping.

We offer above and below ground conical tanks upto 6m diameter

Why choose a Conical settlement tank:

  • 60 degree inverted cone design is the optimum angle to encourage settlement of solid particles
  • Connection sizes and positions tailored to customer needs
  • Material constructed with corrosion-resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
  • Tanks can also be made to withstand very strong alkalis or acidic PH levels

Custom design options can include:

  • Extending sidewall to increase retention period
  • Up-flow/cross-flow and scum draw-off systems

Technical specification

Download the Conical settlement tank datasheet within the Assets section on this page.

Case study at a  glance 


Eight Conical settlement tanks successfully installed over three Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water sites on time and on budget – read more