Disc Filter for tertiary treatment filtration

Designed for the filtration of large volumes of wastewater, the compact system has the capability to filter high flows (volumes) of liquids.


  • Utilities and municipal wastewater
  • Industrial trade effluent

Hire and pilot trials:

WPL can provide hire equipment to keep sites operational and within consent and pilot units to identify the precise equipment required for your operation.

Why choose a WPL Disk Filter:

  • Compact unit with a high filtration quality that delivers high flows up to 500 L/s
  • Enables filtration from 10μm up to 200 μm mesh size
  • Low power consumption – gravity flows save energy costs
  • Simple removal and replacement of filter cartridge
  • Installed above ground in steel tanks or below ground in concrete channels
  • Units can be put into operation immediately after installation
  • Suitable mainly for tertiary filtration treatment removing undissolved material
  • Fully automatic operation which includes a programme with pre-set operation parameters

Filter applications include:

  • Treatment of effluent water
  • Pre-treatment before Ultra Violet (UV)
  • Pre-treatment of potable water
  • Cooling water in various industries
  • Inlet process water
  • Recovery of valuable materials in different types of industry
  • Industrial waste water treatment such as fish farms, paper industry, food and drink processing

Specification information

WPL Disc Filter Options (table 1)
Image of table for WPL Disc Filter specifications

Filtering Principle

The basic filtering element is a fabric-coated filter segment. Water flowing into the inner space of the filter segment flows through the fabric while fine impurities are trapped on the cloth. The segments are fixed on the disc shaft. Twelve segments make up one disc. The number of discs determines the capacity, i.e. the size of the filter.

WPL offer disc filters with 4, 6, 10, 16 and 24 discs with a filtration range of 10 μm to 200μm. The filtration runs continuously without interruption.

Filter Capacity

The WPL disk filter cloth is available with mesh opening, sizes range from 10 μm up to 200 μm

WPL Disc Filter Cloth - mesh size

Table. 2: Flows of filters in l/s to the content of undissolved material in filtered water up to 40mg/l