WPL Secondary (Humus) Settlement Tanks


WPL Final Settlement Tanks also known as secondary clarifiers can be used in conjunction with WPL treatment products or to complement existing process units for wastewater treatment in commercial and municipal applications.


Final Settlement tank options:

  • WPL Conical Settlement Tank
  • WPL Rectangular Settlement Tank
  • WPL Lamella Plate Settlement Tank


WPL Conical Final Settlement Tank

WPL Conical Settlement Tanks are high quality sedimentation tanks used in the final stage of the wastewater treatment process. Manufactured in glass reinforced plastic (GRP), the units are custom made to meet your treatment needs.

WPL Conical Settlement Tanks are supplied complete with internal launders, diffuser drum (stilling well), scum board and piping.

Designed to principles established in BS 4994.


Features and Benefits of the Conical Final Settlement Tank:

  • Corrosion-resistant
    Quality material constructed with corrosion-resistant GRP
    Tanks can also be made to withstand very strong alkalis or acidic PH levels
  •  Increased retention time
    Option for extending sidewall to increase retention time
    Connection sizes and positions tailored to customer needs
  •  Quality design
    60 degree inverted cone design is the optimum angle to encourage settlement of solid particles
  •  Adaptable
    Can be installed either above ground 3m diameter or below ground to 6m diameter
    Options are available for up-flow/cross-flow systems and scum draw-off systems
    Connection sizes and positions are tailored to customer needs

Indicative Drawing of the WPL Conical Tank*

wpl conical tank indicative drawing for primary and final settlement

* Tank volumes can be increased by extending the side wall height


WPL Conical Tank Specification Information

WPL conical tank specification infortmation

WPL Lamella Plate Final Settlement Tank

WPL Lamella Plate Settlement Tanks are the ideal solution where there is no existing final settlement at wastewater treatment sites and where space is at a premium. Used in conjunction with biological treatment modules, the units can be designed to provide a high effluent quality.

We can design a bespoke final settlement tank for your specific application. Standard size modules can be fitted with ladder / staircase and handrails, and desludge pipe work can be adapted to suit specific site requirements.

WPL Lamella Plate Final Settlement Tanks can be hired and/or purchased for permanent or temporary installations.


Features and Benefits of the Lamella Plate Final Settlement Tank:

  • Compact design
    Requires only a small footprint for ease of installation and deliver high effluent quality
    Can be designed to meet specific quality requirements for individual sites


WPL Rectangular Final Settlement Tank

Designed for below ground applications, rectangular tanks are used for final settlement generally as part of a modular package, but can be sold separately. Bespoke solutions are available with flows of up to 6 litres per second.


Features and Benefits of the Rectangular Final Settlement Tank:

  • Quality design
    Designed with a conical end to encourage efficient settlement
    Large cross sectional area designed to 0.7m/hr up-flow velocity
    Incorporates the WPL return feed airlift which can also be used for primary or humus sludge removal
  •  Easy access
    Excellent access for emptying by suction tanker
    Variable lid designs, Bauer connectors for ease of emptying

WPL Conical Tanks – above and below ground installation

WPL Conical Tank at waste water treatment works in Scotland

Two WPL Conical Tanks installed at Airth, Scotland

WPL T300 SAF sewage treatment plant and above ground WPL conical tank for final settlement at Preston Capes WWTW Anglian water

Above ground WPL SAF (T300) and WPL Conical Tank (final settlement) to support existing rural WwTw