WPL HiPAF Modular

Wastewater treatment system (up to 2,000 people equivalent)

The WPL HiPAF  modular package wastewater treatment plant is for properties of up to 2,000 population equivalent (PE) where mains drainage is unavailable.

The process flexibility makes the the WPL HiPAF modular plant suitable for a range of applications from sewage to industrial wastewater treatment.

Designed to meet site specific requirements, our plants can be configured to meet various population sizes and to meet demanding, individual site requirements.

UK designed and manufactured in the glass reinforced plastic (GRP).


Why you should choose the WPL HiPAF Modular:

Low cost installation

  • Compact design minimises excavation required offering small footprint and lower installation costs
  • Modular design allows ease of transportation within the UK and to the continent

Low maintenance

  • The design has no internal mechanical moving parts within the tank – requiring minimal annual maintenance
  • Option of isolating and removing sections of the air distribution so it is not necessary to empty the tank
  • Safe, clean, accessible air diffuser system with large access lids for easy maintenance
  • Humus and primary sludge are stored in one place for simple tankering operation
  • Emptying of the tank is also not required during maintenance of air distribution system
  • Optional low energy compressors with adjustable timers
  • Chemical dosing packages can be tailored to the design for site specific requirements

Energy efficiency

  • Optional duty-standby blower arrangement minimises energy use
  • Variable speed drives can be used to optimise power use

Minimal visual impact

  • Does not impede views due to the below ground installation

Variable flows and loads

  • The unique design of the flow balancing in the primary tank means it can cope with variable flows and loads making it ideal for caravan sites and other seasonal venues.


  • Fully compliant with UK Building Regulations and Environment Agency (EA) guidelines
  • Designed using the British Water Code of Practice Flows and Loads, to ensure correct sized tanks
  • Designed to BS EN 12255 – 1/15 and manufactured using BS 4994


  • Proven WPL technology based on over 25 years empirical data
  • Unique internal circulation system leads to increased process performance
  • Use of high quality blowers and pumps underpins reliability of plant
  • Robust operation and stand-by facility
  • GRP is UV stabilised with an external gel coat finish which extends the asset life to 25 years
  • Plants and kiosks are produced in a quality controlled environment at the WPL factory
  • WPL tailor our robust and reliable wastewater treatment solutions to meet our clients’ demanding specifications and expectations

Can offer complete in-house design and specification service including a turnkey service of initial site survey, commissioning and project liaison if required.

Additional options to meet site specific requirements:

  • WPL’s balancing tanks should be considered when sites have variable occupancy levels, such as sporting and wedding facilities
  • Installing WPL RADS can reduce de-sludge frequencies on the biological treatment plant by 75% offering extended de-sludge intervals
  • WPL Sand Filters can improve final effluent for strict consent requirements
  • WPL can supply a duty/standby blowers with automatic change over to ensure an uninterrupted air supply  and maintain high levels of treatment
  • Energy saving options such as variable speed drive blowers are available

Typical commercial uses of the HiPAF modular sewage treatment plant include:

  • Animal waste options such as stables and kennels
  • Agricultural growers and garden centres
  • Camping and caravanning sites
  • Custodial establishments
  • Golf courses and fishing lodges
  • Hotels, restaurants and public houses
  • Housing developments
  • Motorway service stations
  • Manufacturing – industrial trade effluent
  • Care homes and retirement villages
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Schools, colleges and training centres
  • Stately homes and large country estates
  • Villages and rural communities
  • Visitor centres
  • Zoos, theme parks and leisure attractions and leisure centres

For water utilities requirement, please see WPL HiPAF® Bespoke System

MK2 lids for commercial specification:

  • All lids are lockable
  • Large lids for easy access to each zone
  • Assisted lifting with gas struts
  • Fully serviceable due to easy access
  • Easily removable air diffusers
  • Optional safety grating when in place prevents risk of fall


The WPL HiPAF™ brand (High Performance Aerated Filter) references the unique hydrodynamic profile within the filter bed.  The benefit of the aerated filter is a stable even biomass growth, during high or low flows meaning WPL is offering higher treatment efficiencies over other similar solutions on the market.

WPL’s robust biological treatment process guarantee to suit both BOD and ammonia removal and is underpinned by 25 years of empirical data offering treatment for carbonaceous ﴾BOD﴿ removal, nitrification and de‐nitrification ﴾Total N﴿ when strict standards are required.