Inlet Bug Screen

Industrial wastewater screening

The WPL Inlet Bug Screen has been developed as a simple yet robust permanent or mobile temporary screen for “1D” screening of industrial wastewater. It removes fine solid impurities larger than 3mm or 6mm, depending on the chosen screen aperture. Our inlet bug screen also removes grit up to 50mm, sand larger than 3 or 6mm, grease, fibres, and textiles.

The industrial wastewater screening unit is equipped with an integrated bypass, which mitigates the risk associated with power failure or other damage to the fine screen. The inlet bug screen also has an easy-to-open laminated cover, fitted with a ‘dead man switch,’ cut-out for safety.


Why you should choose the WPL Inlet Bug Screen:

Quality design

  • Constructed from quality 304 stainless steel and plastic components inside the tank
  • Fine mesh also bypasses storm overflow preventing overloading

Low installation costs

  • Above ground installation


  • Durable and suitable for transportation


  • Suites most site applications
  • Can be skid mounted for portable applications
  • Can be controlled by Plc for programming /adjusting the control to suite the site requirements

The Right Screen for the Job

Objectives of WPL’s Inlet Bug Screen:

  • Prevent damage to downstream processes
  • Improve efficiency of downstream processes
  • Reduce contamination to watercourses
  • Separation of effluents to enable recycling

 WPL Inlet Bug Screen Technical Information


 WPL Inlet Bug Screen diagram



Image of a WPL Inlet BUG screen diagram, a component part in sewage and wastewater treatment systems


 WPL Inlet Bug Screen industrial application

 The company’s screens portfolio includes:

  • WPL Inlet Bug screen – A transportable, above ground unit with storm overflow bypass incorporated
  • WPL Inlet screw screen – A general purpose screen for small to medium-sized works with an option to combine with dewatering and compacting equipment
  • Primary or tertiary WPL Industrial Drum Screen – A versatile unit particularly suited to treating wastewater containing viscose and fibrous elements in the widest range of applications
  • WPL Clic-Clo microscreen tertiary polishing plant – A cartridge-based screen cloth designed to receive pumped or gravity flows in larger applications where the removal of tertiary solids and biological oxygen demand (BOD) is required