Inlet Industrial Drum Screen

Wastewater screening for industrial effluent

The rotary Inlet Industrial Drum Screen is designed for separation of screenings from industrial wastewater effluent, and particularly for water containing viscose and fibrous elements.  The wastewater screen unit can be fitted with compacting and de-watering equipment.

Flow is delivered by pump or gravity to the inlet section where turbulence is reduced in quiescent conditions in the inlet tank. Flows enter the cylindrical drum (out to in) through a high quality wedge wire screen, periodically cleaned by a skimming plate. Screenings fall into a hopper, which can be fitted with a compacting screw conveyor.

Typical flow rates of 3-850 l/s, with mesh sizes varying between 0.25 and 2.5mm.


Why you should choose the Inlet Industrial Drum Screen:

Quality material

  • Stainless steel construction, including sieve

 Quality design

  • Optional de-watering and compaction in the same unit

Variety of applications

  • Suitable for viscose and fibrous screening
  • Can be skid mounted for portable applications

The Right Screen for the Job

Objectives of Inlet Industrial Drum Screen:

  • Prevent damage to downstream processes
  • Improve efficiency of downstream processes
  • Reduce contamination to watercourses
  • Separation of effluents to enable recycling

The company’s screens portfolio includes:

  • Inlet “Bug” Screen – A transportable, above ground unit with storm overflow bypass incorporated
  • Inlet screw screen – A general purpose screen for small to medium-sized works with an option to combine with dewatering and compacting equipment
  • Primary or tertiary WPL Industrial drum screen – A versatile unit particularly suited to treating wastewater containing viscose and fibrous elements in the widest range of applications
  • Microscreen tertiary polishing plant – A cartridge-based screen cloth designed to receive pumped or gravity flows in larger applications where the removal of tertiary solids and biological oxygen demand (BOD) is required