Inlet Screw Screen

Screening for smaller utilities and municipal applications

The Inlet Screw Screen is designed for removal of screenings within wastewater prior to being received by the main treatment process. Removal of such screenings minimises blockages of downstream treatment processes. The inlet screw screen works by a screw mechanism which rotates to lift the screenings out of the inlet channel and discharge them into a separate container via a chute. ‘Screened,’ water then flows forward for further downstream treatment.

The Inlet Screw Screens are designed for small and medium sized wastewater treatment plants. The screen is supplied for below ground installation in a concrete channel, or in a stainless steel tank for above ground use.

Maintenance is simplified by a unique pivoting system that allows the unit to be raised out of the wastewater flow for cleaning. The ‘screenings,’ outlet pipe can be rotated through 300 degrees to suite the site configuration with regards to screen storage and can be fitted with optional de-watering and compaction equipment.

Why you should choose the Inlet Screw Screen:

Unique pivoting system

  • Allows the unit to be easily maintained by raising the housing or channel out for cleaning

Varied applications

  • For concrete channel or stainless steel tank


  • Screen rod dimensions can be adjusted to suite different site configuration
  • Screens can also be supplied for deep inverts

Easily maintained

  • Automatic cleaning with a 2 year brush life

Various screen spacing

  • 3mm, 6mm or 12mm can be specified
  • Channel depth 600mm to 1500mm
  • Channel width 200mm to 800mm

The Right Screen for the Job

  • Prevent damage to downstream processes
  • Improve efficiency of downstream processes
  • Reduce contamination to watercourses
  • Separation of effluents to enable recycling

The company’s screens portfolio includes:

  • Inlet “Bug” Screen – A transportable, above ground unit with storm overflow bypass incorporated
  • Inlet screw screen – A general purpose screen for small to medium-sized works with an option to combine with dewatering and compacting equipmen
  • Primary or tertiary Inlet Industrial Drum screen – A versatile unit particularly suited to treating wastewater containing viscose and fibrous elements in the widest range of applications
  • Clic-Clo Microscreen tertiary polishing plant – A cartridge-based screen cloth designed to receive pumped or gravity flows in larger applications where the removal of tertiary solids and biological oxygen demand (BOD) is required