WPL Lamella Separator

Lamella settlement tanks are used extensively to assist the settlement process of removing suspended solids and settleable matter from municipal and industrial wastewater.

Continued research and development has led to the improved design of the WPL Lamella Separator which results in up to 95% efficiency. An ideal solution when space is at a premium or where there is no existing primary or final settlement on site; with a minimal footprint that is reduced to as little as 10% of a traditional sedimentation tank.

Reducing construction costs by utilising the control channel with a V-notch outflow, the WPL design is enabled to be positioned in a series with little or no fall.

The WPL Lamella consists of fully-immersed plates with a relief channel to the side. With V-notch weirs, the conduit collects the purified liquid which is then emitted through a discharge pipe. In order to ensure maximum particle settlement, the WPL Lamella maintains ideal settlement conditions within each unit.


Laboratory sedimentation tests

WPL offer in-house laboratory testing for sedimentation to verify settling ability. This dictates the dosage requirements of coagulants or polyelectrolytes to improve effluent quality or settling speed, if required.

Pilot units

Pilot units can be provided in order to determine optimal equipment required for site. Hire or purchased options are also available.


Why you should choose the WPL Lamella Separator:


  • Only 65% of the area required for clarifiers operating without inclined plates
  • Surface overflow rates are 2-4 times greater than standard clarifiers
  • Surface overflow rate falls between 5-12m³/hour/m2, with a retention time of 60-120mins. This results in 85-95% removal efficiency


  • Internal plate configurations tailored to meet application requirements
  • Option of unique design to suit specific process and/or application
  • Dependent on site conditions – can be suitable for retrofitting to increase capacity in existing sedimentation tanks or to provide new settlement zones in existing assets

Compact design:

  • High surface area of lamella plates results in greater settlement area; this allows for a smaller footprint in comparison to traditional settlement tanks
  • Compact and lightweight design ensuring ease of transportation and installation

Reduced installation cost:

  • V-notch outflow enables the units to be in a series with little or no fall
  • Pre-set weirs and converting pipework offer quick and simple setup

Operation and maintenance:

  • Minimal moving parts to keep operation and maintenance costs low
  • Easy to operate with no set-up or commissioning required
  • Automatic sludge removal system can be fitted to reduce user operation


  • Modular units can be used either individually or linked in series to accommodate variable flows, pump sizes and particle characteristics
  • Design enables water clarification and rapid particle settlement
  • Customised designs available to suit appropriate applications
  • Easy incorporation into most sedimentation tanks


  • Lids, covers, ladder/staircase, walkways and access platforms
  • Flow splitter, flow meters & flanged ports
  • Automatic, flow proportional, single or multi-stage chemical pre-treatment
  • Fully containerised dosing systems
  • Fully automated PH adjustment system to ensure site discharge consents standards are achieved
  • Pipe flocculators
  • Automatic desludging systems
  • Sludge pumps & sludge storage tanks
  • De-watering systems
  • Robust mobile skid mounted units for above ground applications

Municipal applications:

  • Pre-treatment
  • Wash water treatment/purification
  • Primary and secondary sedimentation
  • Final polishing
  • Sludge thickening

Industrial applications:

  • Industrial process water
  • Chemical industry – purification and thickening
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Waste water with metal oxide residues
  • Purification of the water from filtering processes
  • Biological waste water treatment
  • Recirculation of water in the vegetable industrial
  • Metalworking – cleaning of metal surfaces, iron and steel industry, reduction of scale residues

Technical information:

  • The standard WPL Lamella Separator tank range starts at 20m 2 up to 50m 2
  • Additional custom designed WPL Lamella Plate Settlement units based on customer site specific requirements