Environmentally sensitive wastewater treatment - agriculture and horticulture

Farm and land managers have a duty to maintain the health of the environment for which they are responsible. This includes making sure that onsite sewage and wastewater treatment facilities are non-polluting.

WPL’s package wastewater treatment systems are certified for pollution removal under European performance standards. The high regulatory standard of the final effluent means it can be safely discharged into a watercourse or soakaway.

Designed to cope with seasonal work

WPL plants treat wastewater biologically, using no chemicals. They are designed to cope with variable flows and loads for when seasonal work means more people use facilities.

Our wastewater plants, designed for the horticulture and agriculture sector, can also be installed below ground and require only a small excavation area for minimal disruption and low visual impact on the surrounding landscape.

WPL also ensure that each sewage treatment plant is designed and proven to exceed all current or proposed discharge consent standards enforced by the UK Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) or other regulatory bodies.

Agriculture And Horticulture Options